This page serves as a list of projects (both past and present) related to my interests and ambitions.  Or, I could just say it’s what I’m into.  There are also a few organizations that I strongly believe in and have an ongoing relationship with- I assume that since you clicked on this page you won’t be terribly bored with finding out what interests me… until you know what interests me.

Fulbright Fellowship for Trinidad and Tobago

I’m currently in Trinidad and Tobago under the auspices of the Fulbright Foundation- allowing me to continue my research relating to vocal approaches to storytelling.  My primary focus on the twin islands will be Carnival performance norms, but I will also be examining dialects, alternative theatrical practice and coaching performances at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop (founded by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott) as well as the University of the West Indies.  I am incredibly excited to get started on this project!


International Dialects of English Archive

I have recently completed two years as the primary architect of a complete overhaul of the International Dialects of English Archive.  The new site makes several improvements over the previous incarnation- including searchable samples, phonetic font transliteration, embedded unicode phonetics and PDFs, aesthetic improvements, automated submissions and much more!  I’m currently starting my personal project of getting dialects from every Caribbean island.  So… if you’re in the Caribbean, you should let me know.  Thanks!  IDEA can be found by clicking here.



University of Houston- Theatre & Dance

I was an instructor of speech and phonetics to graduate students at the University of Houston.  Additionally, I just completed my MFA with the Professional Actor Training Program at UH, and am very thankful for the time I spent there.  The training is fantastic, and the program is young, so I do what I can to get the name out.  Visit the Graduate showcase page here.

Show and Tell. Here’s a song I wrote.  There are a lot more where that came from… most of them sound nothing like this.

We’re OK by Fiasco Songwriting

Sit and Wait- a pop music project

In addition to voice work in dialects, accents, phonetics, and extended vocal technique, I really like pop music.  And yes, if you look at my resume you’ll see I do a fair amount of musical theatre- this isn’t that.  For musical theatre or “legit” demos, please see the media panel.  When time allows, I sing, play piano, trombone, and a very medicore acoustic guitar with a group of much better musicians.  We’ve had the opportunity to sit down and record two EPs, the most recent of which is called “Sit and Wait”.  It’s available for preview and purchase on iTUNES by clicking here.  One day I’ll write that musical I’ve been trying to get around to, there’s just a lot to do, right?

And next time- I’ll take more care when I’m doing the mixdown and mastering.

I also build web pages for artists and other creative kids.  I’ve worked with several theatres, a big LA arts foundation, print artists, opera kids, etc.  If you’re interested, or know someone who needs a website, drop me a line or visit the lemonade stand design page here.